Hotsnapz Hand Warmers

We're always using them to keep our cameras warm, it can get down to minus 50 degrees Centigrade very quickly! For Valentine's, we thought it would be fun to photograph a heart-shaped hand warmer! This was a low-altitude test flight over the Rocky Mountains, and the images are incredible! Clear skies over the Rockies, and a safe recovery in the Alberta praries!

The Air Canada Foundation

We surprised the Air Canada Foundation with a launch of their charity envelope! The envelope is distributed on board Air Canada flights in the hopes of reaching a $300,000 contribution towards Sick Kids Hospitals across Canada. They were very grateful for the image, and displayed it prominently. We were honored and humbled by their positive response, and are glad to help! Air Canada Foundation

Author Aaron Ozee

Author and Social Media Influencer Aaron Ozee contacted us at orbitpics to launch his Childrens book Regulus into space! We were happy to have Aaron as a client, his popular childrens book is shown here at 95,000 feet over Lake Huron and Eastern Ontario!                 

Breaking the Chains of Gravity

We launched Author Amy Shira Teitel's book "Breaking the Chains of Gravity" to 60,000 feet! A very successful early launch which honoured a favorite author's work! Not to mention Von Braun, Armstrong and Eisenhower!

Captain's Log

A lifelong Star Trek fan asked us to send a Enterprise Communicator Pin high into the Final Frontier! We were tasked with a Mission to Vulcan! (Alberta) Here you can see the famous Starfleet logo high over the clear Alberta skies!
Town of Vulcan